According to geographical, cultural and ethnic reality, this archipelago is inhabited by hundreds of tribes with diverse cultures and different beliefs and religions. This fact encourages the pioneers of independence in the era of struggle idealization to hold that a nation is a group of people who have the same historical background, fate, goals and ideals. In the Indonesian concept, diversity is identified as the wealth of the nation, but in fact the diversity is sometimes also a threat of disintegration of the nation that must be wary of all elements of the nation. This fact indicates that it is not easy to maintain unity amidst cultural diversity, and it needs strategic efforts to deal with the various problems that arise in the life of the nation.

Based on the aforementioned background, Social Science Education Major at Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Universitas Lambung Mangkurat is going to conduct the 1st International Conference on Social Science Education 2017 on “Multicultural Transformation in Education, Social Sciences and Wetland Environment”.

NOTE : Abstract submission deadline is extended to 30 September 2017, and the full paper as well as conference fee payment deadline is on 15 October 2017.

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